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The benefits of BiteGuard to you and your kennel

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Energy Efficiency

Each BiteGuard model is designed to keep the heat inside during winter and conserve air conditioning during summer. The thermal qualities help to save on utility expenses. Keeps the flies out too!

Quality and Durability

Reduce maintenance expenses when you install BiteGuard Kennel doors. No fragile flap doors here! Our use of quality components assure years of trouble-free performance and

Time Saving

With 24-hour access to the great out doors, dogs, require less staff interaction and produce less mess to clean up in your kennels. Your staff will have more time to focus on revenue generating tasks.

Quiet Operation

The BiteGuard door panels operate in a smooth quiet manner. The action of our insulated panels does not produce loud noises and will not disturb the dogs or annoy you and your staff.

Ease of Use – For All Dogs

The BiteGuard saloon style door panels open with a gentle push allowing easy access by dogs of all sizes, even puppies. Models are available in a range of dimensions to accommodate all breeds.

Pet Safety

The BiteGuard models are designed and engineered with a priority for pet safety. The gentle operation assures safe use, eliminating the possibility of injury and does not harm noses or tails.

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See the difference BiteGuard makes! Before and After BiteGuard

14 years in Service
Foundation Barry du Gand Saint Bernard - Martigny, Switzerland
16 years in Service
Foundation Ecole Pomande pour Chiens - Guides d’aveugles - Brenles, Switzerland
First Year in Service
Red Barn Boarding Kennel
Lexington - South Carolina

What kennel owners are saying about BiteGuard