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Guillotine Kennel Door System

The BiteGuard KennelPlex Guillotine System allows for remote operation of the dog door closure panels without having to enter each kennel.

Guillotine Kennel Doors

Guillotine System

The guillotine cable system allows for safe and convenient operation of the BiteGuard cover panel. The panel can be set to open or closed position from outside of the kennel adding an added level of safety for you and your staff.

Featured System Components:

  1. 50-inch military grade anodized aluminum rails
  2. 26-foot aircraft quality stainless steel cable
  3. Corrosion resistant pulleys, cable clamps and hardware
  4. Chemical resistant nylon tubing cable handle loop
  5. Insulated weather seal cross bar
  6. Quick release pin lock

Rugged ABS Composite Cover Panel

  • 1/4-inch thickness
  • Washable surface
  • Chew proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Manual or cable use
  • Black thermoplastic

Anodized Aluminum Side Rails

  • Heavy duty military grade aluminum
  • Plush weather strip insulated channels
  • Rust proof and chemical resistant
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Each BiteGuard Guillotine Kennel Door System Includes:

  • Aluminum side rails
  • Composite cover panel
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Quality pulleys and hardware
  • Pull handle loop nylon tubing
  • Cross-bar with weather seal
Aluminum side rails will not rust and are corrosion and warp resistant.

BiteGuard Guillotine System with Blue Cable Guard

The Cable Guard is designed to conceal the top portion of the side rail and cable assembly as well as the door panel while in the open position. An excellent addition for environments designated to accommodate overactive or aggressive breeds.